dear men:

-nobody actually believes ‘all men’ do anything. chill the fuck out, cause throwing a shit fit over statements like that just proves that you’re too immature to ignore it and thus you are the exact kind of man the statement was probably referring to in the first place. just move on. go…

Clearly you missed the news story about the Chinese man who died after having his balls crushed by an angry woman


When people criticize SJW they aren’t talking about people who are trying to solve REAL problems, they’re talking about the people who blow every single tiny thing out of proportion. The people who can find sexism in children cartoons. The people who find racism in commercials. The people who demand a warning for every imaginable trigger for youtube videos.   

Yes, as a great role model of mine once said, don’t complain about a problem unless you can offer up a solution. And don’t whine about petty things that distract us from real issues

It’s possible for anyone to lose weight now!


Lunar mist

Lunar mist

Night walk

Night walk

Oh the humanity…

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It’s not your body anymore, when there is a baby present. Carry that child to term responsibly, or you’re a murderer.

No, I’m sorry, but that’s idiotic.  It’s my body no matter what.  If I wanted to get an abortion i’d get a fucking abortion regardless if that made me a murderer in someone who doesn’t have to actually carry a baby’s eyes.  Birth control being more widely available is a serious issue.  You’re stupid if you think every situation that leads to abortion makes someone a murderer.  11 year old gets raped by her cousin “No girl, you carry that child, you squeeze that out of your currently underdeveloped vagina.  It’s the right thing to do.  You’re a murderer if you don’t.  Who cares that it’ll emotionally scar you for life and you’ll forever be reminded of it every time you look at your child or cousin.  It’s the humane thing to do.  If you were older you’d understand.”  Shit, the same thing happened to a nine year old “Who the fuck cares if you’re only a baby yourself, you’re totally going to go through with this, I don’t care if it’ll nearly kill you or damage your insides.  Raise that baby like a good non-murderer.”  

Then we go overseas where it’s all “You’re pregnant out of wedlock, let’s stone you to death instead of giving you and others like you birth control or the option to abort.  I’m sorry that we live in such a fucked up society that if I force myself on you and get pregnant you’re still the one who is shamed.  Wait no I’m not, suck it up and deal with it”, “You’ve been told your baby is dying in the womb, no abortion for you girl, you have to keep it and die of blood poisoning.  Too bad we could have avoided it if we were more understanding of a woman and her body”.

Open your eyes for God’s sake.  You can’t even get pregnant, you’re a man and I get that you have a right to your unborn child and the potential for mental trauma.  But you personally are not at risk of dying from pregnancy complications.  You personally are not at risk of being shunned by your community and killed for carrying someone elses child.  You personally are not having to carry the mental and physical scars of going through an unwanted pregnancy with your potential rapists child.  You personally are not at risk of being considered used, dirty and unwanted because of something you could have avoided if proper health care was available to you.  You aren’t personally responsible for raising a child (or person with mental capacity of a child) who also has a child because “Abortion is murder in all circumstances”.

It’s not your body either, and until you have to deal with everything above then you cannot tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.

My roommate, laying it the fuck down.

Reblogging again because I really needed that ignorance to be addressed, and it was, and I needed that.



If you’re a man you have no say in this. Sorry. You Lose. GAME OVER. It would be like having the Catholic Diocese mitigate which religious rules the Hindus should follow.

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I cannot stop surfing through these haunting Francesco Mugnai pictures. His photo series on abandoned amusement parks brings chills to my body as thrilling as the excitement I can recall back from visiting the amusement parks of my childhood. Here are all the memories rotting in fields and perhaps hosting some ghostly visitors.

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And I felt sad, but it wasn’t quite sadness.

It was a melancholy mind.

Whispers from behind an old burnt tree.

Eyes by the burnt tree gazed upon the world.

A world looped upon itself… in my mind.

Tripping and stumbling over uncertain feelings.

The heart feels the world beyond the gaze.

These feelings, unspoken, tossed into the world of dreams…

Sometimes you just need a laugh hahaha


I was on 8tracks looking for new playlists and found thisimage


I really don’t know what I expected.

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